Getting started

Solar farm built - Great! Now it’s time to promote your project to Oxamii’s customers and start earning money.


Setting the right price

What you charge is up to you, but always remember that a customer will only select your project if they feel its value for money.

That’s why it’s important to set a fair price and a great profile.

Tell your story, people are listening to why you you want to provide them energy.


Oxamii Marketplace

The Oxamii Marketplace is how customers browse and select a generator they buy their energy from.

Customers get to select up to 5 generators who they can preference.

The aim is to become the customers first preference, as this is where the majority of the customers energy is sourced from.

Having a great story to tell with compelling narrative and images will give you the best opportunity to become a customer’s first preference.

Got a great story to tell, share it with the world. Let everyone know how your project benefits your customers and community.

Oxamii Community

Shout it loud

The better you can promote your project, the more successful it will be. Using social media is a great way to tell your story to a wide audience.

Promoting your project to more people will give you more opportunity to maximise your revenue.

pread the word about who you are, your values, your affinities, heck even tell the world who you barrack for. Every bit of information about you makes you authentic and personable.